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Real-time operational insights across your strategic data assets

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Rapid Incident Management, Simplified.

Lightup seamlessly integrates with PagerDuty to deliver real-time DataOps insights, enabling quick data-driven decisions that drive action and business outcomes. 

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Always-on data quality for your always-on world

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Modernize Data Infrastructure

Keep up with evolving data stacks and scale your data quality requirements as your data lake or warehouse infrastructure continues to grow.

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Automate Data Quality Workflows

Streamline data quality processes and accelerate time-to-insight with AI-powered data quality checks and real-time alerts.

Extend Across the Data Value Chain

Address data quality issue no matter the cloud and data infrastructure with customizable data quality indicators, APIs, dashboards, and more. 

Better data, smarter decisions

Get unparalleled data quality intelligence and start making business decisions with full confidence in your data.
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