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Data quality made simple

Lightup provides out-of-the-box data quality indicators (DQIs) to measure data health

Data availability

Ensure tables are updated on time, and data volume is healthy

Data conformity

Ensure data conforms to the expected format

Data validity

Ensure data distribution matches expectations

Schema changes

Track changes in your data as tables and columns get added, removed or changed

Getting started is easy

Connect to your data source readily using one of our pre-built connectors

Turn on profiling for a datasource, table or column to get out-of-the-box DQIs for common data quality symptoms

Data availability

Data validity

Data conformity

Schema changes

Get instant visibility into data quality for all your data assets on the dashboard.

Get accurate alerting with ML based anomaly detection on alerting channel(s) of your choice.

Key features


Out-of-the-box observability

Lightup gives you out-of-the-box DQIs to track data availability (delay and volume), data conformity (schema and format), and data validity (data distribution and null checks).

Customizability with SQL

Define your own time-range queries that construct custom DQIs with business-specific aggregations and predicates. We support slicing on attributes to help you separate out modes of data.


Single click detection

Enable monitoring and alerting on key DQIs with a single click. Use Lightup’s battle-tested ML based anomaly detection to automatically surface data outages instantly and accurately. The alerting engine is designed to be easy to supervise without needing any data science knowledge.


Alerting integrations

Send alerts to team members where they tune in. Lightup supports a wide variety of alerting destinations including Slack, Mattermost, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Flock, email, and webhooks.


Root cause analysis

All alerts are reported with concurrent incidents that facilitate collaborative root cause analysis across lineage right in place.


Scheduled checks

Configure checks to run on the schedule that works for your data update cycle (daily, hourly, or minute-wise).


APIs for CI/CD

With all configuration functionality and data outage check results available on APIs, the platform seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD and data transformation workflows. Trigger checks as part of your pipeline to align model update, data transformation and data check schedules.


Flexible deployment support

Lightup supports both SaaS and on-premise deployment models. The on-premise deployment can be configured to be entirely managed by you — the customer — or managed by Lightup.


Security first approach

Lightup is architected for security and privacy from the ground up. Data is never copied out of your environment. Regular pen tests and third party audits are conducted to maintain SOC2 and ISAE 3000 compliance. Most recent reports are available upon request along with documentation on Lightup's security posture.


Scalable architecture

DQI queries issued by Lightup process your data in place to leverage the scalability of the data lake or the data warehouse. Lightup uses a horizontally scalable and stateless architecture that allows the platform to scale out based on monitoring requirements. We also leverage scalable managed resources like RDS and EKS.

Data drives your decisions, product, and user experience. Silent breaks in data availability, conformity, and validity are leaving you exposed to hidden data outages.


It’s time to turn the lights on.

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