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Solving the Data Quality Problem with Bigeye, Great Expectations, Metaplane, and

In this special episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas are joined by the founders of Bigeye, Metaplane, Lightup Data, and Great Expectations. Together they discuss definitions of data terms, creating standards, best practices, and more.

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Off-the-shelf data quality checks on Databricks using Lightup - Live Product Demo

A practical demo of how Lightup is helping our Databricks customers achieve high data quality at scale.

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Best DevOps Practices – Manu Bansal, Lightup [September 16, 2021]

Lightup CEO Manu Bansal explains why data operations teams are cribbing best DevOps practices.

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Data quality for the modern enterprise data stack [July 29, 2021]

A demo of scalability of the Lightup data quality platform to enterprise data scale.

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Let’s Talk About Data Observability with Manu Bansal [June 11, 2021]

Manu Bansal co-founded Lightup to solve the problem of data quality monitoring and created a solution that proactively detects and explains significant changes in data that indicate issues with the product or data pipeline.

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Automated data quality at scale with Lightup [June 8, 2021]

A demo of automated data quality checks with Lightup using anomaly detection models.

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