The end of hidden data outages

Data drives your decisions, product, and user experience. Silent breaks in data availability, conformity, and validity are leaving you exposed to hidden data outages causing material impact.


It’s time to turn the lights on.

Deliver a data driven experience with confidence.

Proactively detect and understand changes in product data that are symptomatic of deeper issues across the data pipeline - before they are noticed.

Power tool for the data engineer.

Continuous monitoring of data quality across all assets.

Warehouse tables

Event streams

Machine learning features

External data APIs

Built for plug-and-play

Lightup connects directly to your data sources to instantly alert you when data breaks





Web UI

Get started in minutes

Connect data source

Data integration works out-of-the-box. Lightup hooks up directly to your data warehouse where your data already lives with built-in connectors for popular sources including Redshift, Snowflake, Presto, BigQuery, and Postgres.

Get instant visibility

Lightup gives you ready-made data quality metrics for monitoring common outage symptoms. You start getting visibility the moment you plug in data source credentials -- no code to write, no services to spin up, no wrangling of data. Lightup matches the shape of your data, not the other way around.

Customize, automate, collaborate, integrate

Easily define custom data quality metrics to track your unique data outage symptoms. Quickly test and set ML-based alerting using an intuitive interface. Collaborate across data, product, and business teams to triage incidents with shared context. Integrate into your CI/CD workflows with fully-featured APIs.

Let’s lightup your data!

Never let data outages go unchecked

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