Stay on top of changes in data

Too many charts to track?

Never let data drift go unnoticed again.

Too many cuts of data to analyze?

Never let slice-and-dice slow you down again.

Unreliable data feeding your metrics?

​Never let bad data quality surprise you again.

Vitals for your data-driven business

Comprehensive coverage for Product and Engineering teams

Product Managers

ML Engineers

Data Engineers

Product Metrics

Customer Data

Which product, customer, and funnel metrics are off and for what users segments?

Built for plug-and-play

Lightup connects directly to your existing data sources to instantly alert you when metrics drift

JSON events and ELT tables

Product metrics and customer data

Web UI

Model metrics and feature data

Data Warehouse




Getting started is simple


Connect data source

Data integration works out-of-the-box. Lightup hooks up to your data warehouse or upstream data sources with built-in connectors for popular tools including Redshift, Snowflake, Segment, and Amplitude.


Setup auto-learning rules

Setting up data tracking rules takes just a few minutes. Lightup provides a rich catalog of pre-configured data drift and data quality checks. The platform automatically profiles the expected behavior of metrics and events from past data and sets up sensible bounds for enabled checks.


Get alerted on change

Alerts focus your attention where it is needed most. Lightup runs data checks every minute to compare live data to learned profiles and notifies you when data drifts significantly from expected behavior.

Let’s lightup your data!

Never let data drift go unnoticed

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