Complete data quality  coverage — No code

The fastest and easiest way to deploy data quality checks across your entire data landscape.  

Experience the power of agile data quality

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Lightup’s intuitive solution gives you easily deployable, out-of-the-box data quality checks that help your teams hit their data quality coverage goals 10x faster than legacy solutions.

Scale for growth

Modernize your data quality infrastructure for petabyte scale

Keep up with evolving data stacks and scale your data quality requirements as your data lake or warehouse infrastructure continues to grow.

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AI-powered efficiency

Automate and streamline workflows for speed and efficiency

Streamline data quality processes and accelerate time-to-insight with AI-powered data quality checks and real-time alerts.

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Extend your data quality reach wherever the data lives

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Build trust across all of your data

Build trust across the entire data value chain, at every stage of transformation, no matter the cloud and data infrastructure

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Build trust across all of your stakeholders

From the executive to the business analyst to the data engineer - arm all of your stakeholders with confidence by rapidly detecting and addressing every data quality issue

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All data, across all clouds

Fast and simple quality checks for all cloud and hybrid data

Data reliability matters. Ask the experts.

Lightup has accelerated our ability to define data quality thresholds and metrics which has dramatically condensed the iterative development lifecycle. Now our ability to identify anomalies and resolve issues is much faster, resulting in better data for our business use cases.

-- Data Quality Leader at Major Global Fast Food Chain

In the news

Recent updates in the media and community publications
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June 7, 2022

Lightup and PagerDuty Integration Delivers Real-Time Data Quality Incident Monitoring and Response for the Enterprise

Lightup joins PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program and demonstrates data quality monitoring solution at PagerDuty Summit

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April 21, 2021

Lightup Announces Beta Program for Breakthrough Data Quality Monitoring Solution to Make Data Decisions and Applications Dependable

Learn how Lightup's new beta program will address the growing problem of proactively detecting and identifying issues with data.

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May 10, 2022

4 High Impact Data Quality Issues That Are Easily Avoidable

This blog provides insights to help you avoid the most data quality issues that can have the highest impact on business decision-making.

Better data, smarter decisions

Get unparalleled data quality intelligence and start making business decisions with full confidence in your data.
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